Democrats have REALLY had a horrible week.

Ain’t it grand?

And Ralph Northam couldn’t have done more to hurt his own party than if the GOP had asked him to. Supporting Kathy Tran’s vile abortion bill that would allow a woman to abort her born child, then refusing to walk his abortion comments back even when some pro-choice folks said this was going too far, then the yearbook debacle where he apologized for wearing blackface or a KKK hood and then changed his mind that it wasn’t him but admitted he did wear blackface to be Michael Jackson …

All while ignoring the many calls for him to resign from his own party.

Northam is the gift that keeps on giving.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel really went after him too:


When you look at it like this … Northam really should resign.

And considering many Democrats are actually calling for Northam to quit you’d think Rep. Eric Swalwell wouldn’t disagree with McDaniel’s assessment but he is Eric Swalwell and not exactly the brightest crayon on the box.

That and he thinks he can actually run for president.

Yeah, we laughed too.

Trump is many things, but even he has never had a racist nickname in college, appeared in a racist photo and or refused to shake the hand of a black man. C’mon, Eric. This was lame, even for you.

And did he really say, ‘Do Trump?’


Look at all that racist stuff.


Careful, he’ll nuke us!

It certainly looks that way.

Anything to dunk on Trump, ya’ know. It’s the Democrat’s way.


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