You’d think after Jennifer Rubin’s embarrassing tweet about ‘eloquent African American’ Justin Fairfax she would avoid any more tweets or articles calling Republicans racists for just a teensy, weensy bit but nope.

This IS one of Salon’s favorite conservative bloggers we’re talking about here.

Look at this hot mess.

From WaPo:

Republicans who piled on were harshly rebuked by Democrats and pundits who asked why they had not similarly demanded President Trump and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to resign. The Democratic Party ostracizes Northam in a way that Republicans — no matter how many racist comments Trump and King made — can never unequivocally do. The sad fact is that the GOP harbors a narrow stratum of racists and a wider stratum of those who tolerate them; the Democratic Party relies on an increasingly diverse electorate.

She should just admit she’s a Democrat at this point. Seriously.


Hopefully, she brought enough for everyone.

Seems that way.

Notice she left that little tidbit out.

Or Ilhan Omar? Rashida Tlaib?

Yeah, Jenn, what about them?

But he’s so dynamic and eloquent.

Please, don’t encourage her.


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