A teacher tells young adults to go to a school they can afford in response to an article about how many of them are waiting tables to pay off their huge student loans, which is good advice, and this so enrages Young Turks reporter, Ken Klippenstein, that he tries to send his 90k + followers after her.

What an as*hole, right?

Lack of solidarity? Because nothing says solidarity like sending a Twitter mob after a rando.

He seems to think it’s a bad thing for a teacher to be honest with young people about debt – how dare she think for herself?!

And OF COURSE, this guy works with The Young Jerks. Err … Turks.

He thinks this is funny.


If this guy could stop being stupid he wouldn’t be associated with The Young Turks.

Trade School? Community College?

Clearly, this line of thinking is just privilege or oppression or something.

Fair. The market for grads with a degree in underwater basket-weaving just isn’t there these days.

Look at all of these monsters with their good advice about not starting adult life out saddled with crazy amounts of debt and then expecting the government to force taxpayers to cover the bill.

For shame.



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