It certainly does seem to be raining crap all over Ralph Northam this week. First, the guy nonchalantly discusses murdering babies after they’ve been born and then his yearbook pops up with a photo that is either him in blackface or him wearing KKK garb.

Then it got worse because Northam then apologized for being in the photo, and when Democrats didn’t circle the wagons to protect him, he suddenly changed his mind and did a full presser on how it wasn’t him.

Can’t make this stuff up.

Talk about a guy who won’t stop digging his own hole.

Seems there is another Northam yearbook photo floating around Twitter …

Wait, where have we seen those pants before?


Now, before you think this proves Ralph is the guy in blackface just take a look at the whole picture.

Awww, so that’s not Ralph standing there in those horrible pants.

Nah, he’s the one in the horrible shirt.


Does this disprove he’s the guy in blackface? No. He could have totally borrowed the pants for a costume, but it begs the question, is that his buddy in blackface and if so, does that make him the one in the hood?

Truth be told we can’t tell you one way or another if Ralph is either of these young men, but we can tell you that apologizing for being in the photo, and then changing his tune a little over 12 hours later claiming it was not him and that he doesn’t know why people called him ‘Coonman’ and that he DID wear blackface as Michael Jackson once is almost more damaging at this point that the original photo itself. And that he still refuses to resign?