Michelle Malkin was front and center this morning calling the ‘narrative-driven media’ out for their lazy reporting on the Jussie Smollett story, especially now that more and more information around his ‘attack’ is coming out. Forget about the Subway sandwich piece (really?! lol), but Smollett has even admitted he didn’t actually have a broken rib …

Have you seen anyone really covering this tidbit?

Michelle hasn’t.

How many will correct?

We’re thinking … zero.

And if they do there will be absolutely no traction because the Left once again has a narrative they can push, and let’s not pretend they actually care if it’s true or not.

Sort of reminds us of when they were pushing the lies around the Covington kids.

They have no shame.

He believes justice will be served.

That’s adorable.

But like we said, the media has their fresh meat and that’s all that matters. Look at this other nonsense:

The gay Tupac?

Maybe we’re a teensy bit cynical but this sure feels like a crap attempt to gain fame on Jussie’s part.

Sorry, not sorry.


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