Democrats are their own worst enemy. They no sooner gain some power back in Washington D.C. and they immediately start tripping over their own feet.

It’s been a glorious week watching them show the country their true colors, and you know if it’s glorious for us, it’s horrible for them.

Rep. Liz Cheney summed it up PERFECTLY:

Go Wyo!

Another way to look at it, definitely.

Maybe it’s good for everyone (not just us crazy people who follow politics 24/7) to see who Democrats really are.

This editor may be a tad biased since Liz is the representative from Wyoming but YES, this should happen.

Oh, and as usual, the amount of stupid on her thread is impressive and not in a good way:




If you were wondering how someone like AOC got elected look no further than this person’s tweet.

Some of these people are literally too stupid to insult.

Truth hurts?

So much shrieking.

So little time.


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