We’ve written about Aaron Rupar trolling Dana Loesch before; the guy clearly has issues with a strong woman who believes in the Second Amendment. Not that he’s unique or special as most progressive and/or Leftist men seem almost offended by women who advocate for arming themselves and other women.

That or they’re just whiners who like to subtweet people they disagree with because that makes them feel better about themselves.

Like Aaron did here.

Notice he does not tag Dana … but she still saw his tweet.

What’s that old saying, he can run but he can’t hide?


And then came the trolls to try their hand at ‘dunking’ on Dana.

Silly people.

These folks really need to learn to control their emotions, they will be their undoing.

Aww, a Reagan quote, yaaas queen.

Editor’s note: This editor will use the word ‘yaaas’ whenever she sees fit, just sayin’.

That this ‘Brosephine’ person uses a rabbit for his or her avi is so insulting to this editor.

True story.

Because guns go pew pew pew!

You have to wonder if some of these people can even tie their own shoes.

Always so pleasant.


Lay off the progressive propaganda, dear.

And down went ‘Joe’.

There was another troll on Dana’s timeline giving her a hard time …

But his tweet went bye-bye.

Sorry gun-grabbers, can’t take the heat stay out of Dana’s kitchen.


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