Well well well, seems things are only getting murkier and murkier in Virginia for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.

From Hot Air:

The statement he released last night claimed that not only had the Washington Post run down his accuser’s story and found nothing to substantiate it, it uncovered “significant red flags and inconsistencies”that all but discredited her.

Not true, says WaPo. What they found, it seems, is a he said/she said situation in its purest form. There’s no evidence to support the claim that Fairfax sexually assaulted anyone — and no reason to believe the accuser is lying.

And no reason to believe the accuser is lying.

That’s key.

If they didn’t believe she was lying why wouldn’t they at least have reported it? Hrm.

If she’s lying, why would she lie this way, by quietly approaching a newspaper and then not forcing the issue somehow after they refused to run her story?

Ah well, too late now. Unless the accuser produces a friend whom she told about Fairfax at some point or another woman comes forward to accuse him of something, he’s off the hook. Can’t demand that he leave public life based on a bare accusation, no matter how enchanting the left finds that standard as applied to Republican Supreme Court nominees.

Awww that’s right.

What AllahPundit said …


Democracy dies in darkness.

Heh. That’s hilarious.


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