When you read about our border security options in the simple format provided by Rep. Dan Crenshaw it’s hard to understand why Democrats refuse to act. Ok, so we’re being somewhat facetious because we know they are refusing because Trump wants it and they hate him so anything he wants they don’t want.

Because of politics.

But seriously, look at this.

  1. Wow.
  3. Ok, if Democrats insist?

Crenshaw has been talking about border security in this way since he was sworn in. Sure, wall slogans are all well and good for bumper stickers but when we’re talking about things that actually NEED to happen there is a good deal more to this than just a structure. Don’t get us wrong, we need the structure, but we also need the other pieces.

Plan? PLAN?! They don’t need no stinkin’ plan!

Ok, here’s what was so cool about Crenshaw’s tweet. When people gave actual pushback (not just shrieking about how racist the wall is) he actually engaged and answered their questions.




This guy just RULES.

There was more.

When does Crenshaw run for president again?



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