You’d think if Ted Lieu actually went to a Catholic high school he’d be against abortion and other Democrat agenda items but HEY, what do we know? Seems Ted thought it was a good idea to address Covington Catholic High School about Jesus and how he would pray for their students.

Don’t make that face at us, we didn’t write the tweet.

And now that we know even MORE about what happened and that these kids actually didn’t do anything more than stand there and be uncomfortable because an adult approached their group and started banging a drum in a kid’s face, Ted’s tweet looks even dumber.

Which is probably why Dana Loesch decided to DROP him for it:

Ted fired back … Ted’s not bright:



We tried to warn him to walk away but OH NO.

Yup, he does. You’d think since he went to a Catholic High School he’d know that but yeah …


Seems most people agree these kids are owed an apology, unless they work at CNN or MSNBC … or apparently as a Democrat in Congress.

Silly Ted. Never bring a knife to a gunfight with Dana.


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