Part of having any sort of following on Twitter is getting called out if and when you either tweet or retweet something really stupid. It’s just part of it.

Trust this editor, she knows all too well how this works.

So it shouldn’t have surprised Jake Tapper when he was called out for sharing a thread where a woman talked about the Covington Catholic High School ‘war chant.’ Because you know, that’s super helpful right now as people are starting to realize the story is a big nothingburger and the kids are the victims in all of this.

But we digress.

He actually did.




Dude. C’mon. We have given Jake credit on one more than occasion for being the least skewed talking head on CNN but that’s like saying he’s the most polite cannibal on a deserted island. Think about it.

Nah, someone forces him to tweet stuff.



But different views and stuff.


Ooh, what a toughie.

And look at that sneer.

Or smirk.

QUICK, CNN, someone else is sneering and smirking! Surely this is some sort of racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic incident that must be reported about nonstop for clicks and taps, right?!

Remember when we thought 2018 was peak stupid? About that …


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