Nathan Phillips is the Native American Vietnam Vet who many were claiming was attacked and harassed by a bunch of evil, white, Catholic, high school kids in MAGA hats at the March for Life on Saturday. As more information became available it seemed clear (unless you work for CNN) that Phillips was the one who instigated the ordeal and the kids really didn’t do anything.

Good times.

Interestingly enough, a few people on Twitter tried to connect the dots on Phillips’ claims of serving in Vietnam and this thread is especially fascinating. Note, we can neither confirm nor deny any of this is true or correct, but it’s definitely something worth reading through.

Provided without further comment.

That. ^

Our posting this lengthy thread is not about getting Nathan dogpiled or harassed, it’s just about trying to get the full picture with what happened over the weekend.

Although this made us laugh …

Oh give us a break, we never claimed to be the mature ones in the room.


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