The moment we saw the story about Covington Catholic Hich School after we were done being furious about the Left’s gross attempt to smear and destroy these kids we started counting down until a feminist tried to make the entire thing about sexism.

Particularly about WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE.

We even thought they might go so far as to bring Brett Kavanaugh into the mix …

And we were RIGHT.

*pats self on back*

Look at this nonsense from Anne Helen Petersen:



You know that face you make when the person behind you on the train is having a very loud argument with someone on their cellphone and you wish they’d just shut up and drink their coffee? Just made that face.

We’re starting to think this thread is more about her issues than the guy she’s complaining about in class but we digress.

The monster.

HIS victimhood?!?!




Ok, we’re back to the Native American systemic equality thing now …

Thanks for reminding us once again the kids were actually the victims here, Anne.

Yes, only trolls would call bs on her thread.

*eye roll*



STAHHHHHHP IT. These people have learned NOTHING.

Which isn’t all that surprising but still.

One whole tweet acknowledging the kids were attacked after she spends a whole thread trashing kids like them.


Gold star for the ‘Tommy Boy’ reference.

It’s all the Left have these days.

As long as you’re not straight, white, or Christian you can totally smile as a man but then again you shouldn’t assume gender so … crap, now we’ve confused ourselves.

Huzzah! Right?


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