It looks like Morrissey has apologized (even though he’s still locked):


Nothing like seeing a bunch of supposed adults talking all big and bad about physically harming a group of high school kids.

Like Jack Morrissey.

Full transparency, we’d never heard of this guy Twitter saw fit to verify, but doing a quick search it turns out he’s a co-producer on the remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Dude produced a movie that would fall into the ‘family’ genre and tweets crap like this:

Super classy, right?

And then he locked down his account because like most bullies, deep down he’s a coward.

Also, big thanks to ‘Mandy’ for grabbing a screenshot since we wouldn’t have been able to with his lock.

The Left was working overtime to prove these young kids were villains and in the process showed us all who the real villains are. And it’s not the kid standing with an awkward grin on his face while an adult bangs a drum in his face.

It’s the assholes joking about dumping kids in woodchippers.

Especially a guy who makes movies for the family.

Creepy AF.

We’re pretty doubtful Jack will ‘be better’ anytime soon.

That. ^

Don’t worry, Jack, we’ll make sure more people have the opportunity to see your tweet. You’re welcome! 🙂


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