If you are so far gone to the Left that in your small, scary, creepy little mind you somehow think it’s in any way appropriate to go after a bunch of teenagers and a Catholic High School it MIGHT be time to put the Twitter down.

Especially when the original story being pushed by the media about a high school kid named Nick Sandmann harassing a Native American Vietnam Vet named Nathan Phillips is turning out to be a big ol’ load of BS.

But you know, it IS the Left we’re talking about here … and some guy named Arlen Parsa who for whatever reason hasn’t been Twitter verified which is shocking considering he’s exactly the sort of lame account they typically verify, thought it would be smart to go after kids and post photos, info, and even talk about THEIR HOMEWORK from when they were 14 years old.

Arlen was wrong.

So, there is a HUGE thread of nonsense and garbage from our pal Arlen here that we’re not including because we’re not going to help this yahoo doxx a bunch of high school kids who can’t go to school because they’re now afraid for their lives.

There is plenty of other hot garbage to highlight:

Holy Hell.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about how this is a PRIVATE SCHOOL.

And women are females.

We told you this was a hot mess.

Says the guy bullying a bunch of high school kids.

He calls doxxing kids a journey.

What a champ.


Awww, poor fella. He can’t figure out why people would be pissed at him for putting a bunch of high school kids in danger and smearing an entire school.

Oh, and then one more.

Nobody thinks you’re a racist, Arlen. They just think you’re a jackass.

One final funny here … look at who liked Arlen’s thread:

You are the company you keep.


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