Ok, so you knew Elizabeth Warren would be front and center exploiting the narrative the social media mob CREATED about at bunch of Catholic high school kids and a Native American Vietnam vet, especially when there were MAGA hats involved.

She really is shameless.

Especially since this is still up and we’re seeing the WHOLE story now and these kids really didn’t do anything PLUS ol’ Nathan has pulled similar stunts in the past.

Way to go, Liz.

Maybe she should just stick to posting Instagram videos of herself drinking beer with her husband.


Elizabeth is 1/1024th outraged or something …

And she wonders why people call her … well, that.

Quiet you, she has a base to appeal and pander to!

The irony of a woman who lied about her Native American heritage pushing a fake story about a Native American being harassed.

Peak 2019.


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