If Chuck Todd wanted to somehow make Buzzfeed and all media look WORSE he succeeded. And after the mess we’ve seen them make of what seems to have NOT HAPPENED between a bunch of Catholic high school kids and a Native American Vietnam vet they’re really and truly in a world of crap.

That being said, ol’ Chuck was only referring to the Buzzfeed disaster where they claimed they had EVIDENCE that Trump told Cohen to lie about Trump Tower in Moscow that Mueller himself slammed:

So holding them accountable is ‘trying to tar them’. This whole martyr line of defense when it comes to the media is getting REALLY old.

Accountability for the media? Psh. Where? When?

Mollie Hemingway didn’t let Chuck get away with this tweet.

What she said.

We think that’s a good thing? EL OH EL.

What he said.

Until they start accepting that what they’re doing is really hurting this country nothing will get better with traditional media. Their egos are far too big to admit they need to work on themselves … and their reporting.



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