Would appear Leslie Jones is less than happy about the fact that Jason Reitman is remaking Ghostbusters FOR REAL. Seems she thinks that this is a slight to the movie she starred in with all of the girl power in it.

Maybe she missed it but her version was sort of a flop mainly because it became more about WE ARE WOMEN HEAR US ROAR and less about just making a really good movie.

Just spitballin’ here.

Making another movie is insulting to her.

Something like Trump would do? HUH?!

At this point, all we can do is shake our heads. Maybe she missed the last name of the guy making the picture … REITMAN. You know, as in Ivan Reitman the guy who directed the original? That’s Jason’s dad.

Not EVERYTHING is about identity politics, not EVERYTHING is a slight or an ‘ism.’



Because SEXISM!


You know what, we got nothin’.

Sorry, not sorry.


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