We’d never heard of Wheeler Walker Jr. until he came across our timeline asking his ‘fans’ to video themselves assaulting one of the Covington kids who it turns out likely did nothing more than stand their ground BUT that’s another story.

Doing a search on Walker it turns out he is the alter-ego of Ben Hoffman who unfortunately made the show ‘Archer’ pretty damn funny about a decade ago. Too bad he appears to be an unhinged bully who would ask people to video themselves kicking a kid in the nuts.

Typically we editors do not use our own tweets in a story but this editor just so happened to snag Walker’s tweet right before he deleted it.

What a classy guy, right?

Sees part of a story, joins in with the mob to attack a high school kid, and then DELETES the tweet like the tough guy he is.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

Interestingly enough, said tough guy took it to Instagram claiming HE hadn’t deleted it and wrote some diatribe about how pro-haters could ‘get the f**k off his Instagram’ totally missing how absolutely hateful he himself had been.


Here’s the thing, even if ‘some snowflake’ reported him to Twitter and they told him to take it down he is still likely the one who took it down. Twitter will typically alert the user to the tweet and require them to remove it so they can avoid being locked or suspended. And that he’s on Instagram whining about it says so much.

We really hope this was just part of his dumb alter-ego schtick because otherwise, what a maroon.


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