Oh look, WaPo is being WaPo.

We know, you’re totally shocked they would disrespect and trash the March for Life because usually, they’re so good about being unbiased and objective.

OUCH, ok, we may have actually hurt ourselves writing THAT whopper …

And c’mon, this just sucks so much though, even for them. Medical consensus favors abortion ‘access’. Who says? Which medical professionals? And here we thought the whole point of the medical world was preserving and saving lives.

Who knew?

This is WaPo we’re talking about here.

Ooh ooh, we know!

But Trump?

Ok, no, that doesn’t work there.

Our bad.

They are pandering to the pro-abortion side. You know, the side that doesn’t believe an unborn child is human or alive.

Because SCIENCE.


Gosh, us too.


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