Today is the March for Life, so of course, harpies pushing their pro-abortion myths and mantras are front and center trying to shut pro-life peeps down. Insisting that the unborn aren’t really alive, that they’re not human … you know, the same garbage they’ve been pushing for years to protect their golden calf.

@Molratty, a fairly well-known Conservative woman on Twitter, took all of their silliness apart in one perfect yet totally-trigger-worthy tweet:


Super boom.

So much boom that it stopped booming and then boomed again.

Oh yeah, there’s a new talking point some pro-aborts are pushing where they claim abortion is the same thing as a miscarriage.

Yes, they’re disgusting ghouls, we know.

Guess how this tweet went over with the crazies.

Umm. Who wants to tell him?


Is this guy really mansplaining abortion?


Womp womp.

It got worse.

Philosophical argument.


That’s called science.

Then again, are we really surprised people who think there are dozens of genders don’t actually accept science?


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