Good news for Gillette. According to Morning Consult their new ad campaign targeting men for being men and pushing a softer, gentler, more annoying type of masculinity has generally been well-received according to their survey.


Well, we’re sure the folks at Gillette were happy to see this when the commercial itself is being down-voted more than a Nickelback song on YouTube … there is of course just one HUGE problem with this poll.

Take a gander.

Women. The majority are WOMEN.

Millennial women.

And Democrats.

Holy Hell.

Notice that nearly half of the respondents HATED it … you know, the ones Gillette should worry about if they’re trying to sell men razors. And the women they appealed to likely don’t shave anything anyway so FAIL.

Go woke, go broke.

Feeling pretty confident in calling BS on this survey.

Just sayin’.


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