NPR reported that Gillette’s new ad targeting masculine men (let’s be honest, that is EXACTLY what they did) isn’t doing so hot on YouTube.

A new kind of masculinity?

Stop it.


Let men be men.

Oh good, Alex from the Bronx chimed in:


Would someone please tell her the term ‘snowflake’ is SOOOOO 2017?


Oh no, this editor IS offended but not for the reason AOC thinks; this editor is personally exhausted of the Left attacking men just because.

It’s old. It’s tired. It needs to stop.

Let men be MEN.

This works though too.

Whoa, a voice of reason on Twitter? Get outta here.

This guy.


Yeah … no.

Not everyone who disagrees with Democrats and the social justice mantra are bots, freakin’ idjits.

And again we are reminded of exactly HOW and WHY Alexandria got elected.

Holy Hell.


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