Ok, so full transparency, this editor totally marked out seeing Rep. Dan Crenshaw at the March for Life. And sure, this video is only about 20 seconds long but unlike our mouthy friends on the pro-abortion side of things, Dan could keep it simple because at the end of the day being pro-life IS simple.


We’re here because we value life.

That’s it.

It’s not about race, or sex, or persuasion, or creed, or ability. It’s not about which group is more oppressed than another … it’s about valuing all life.

And LOOK at that crowd!

Ain’t it GLORIOUS?

Unfortunately a bunch of stupid showed up and ruined the thread.

We have questions.

Maybe she missed it but there are already tens of thousands of sensible gun laws on the books but whatever.

Holy crap.

What he said.

Oh, look, it’s the most unoriginal tweet these pro-aborts can come up with.

This thread is thick with stupid.


See what we mean?

She thinks those are ‘liberal’ issues. Fine, they can have the big government crap.

Does he mean the same migrant children Obama demonstrated zero compassion for?

Asking for a friend.

We’re sure Dan is crushed.


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