Could you guys just not? Can’t you see we have important blue-checks to humiliate after the way they behaved about the Covington Catholic High School kids this past weekend? And instead, here we are wasting time writing about your stupid.


Hey, at least Jason Leopold didn’t write this one. Or did he? *checks* Shew, nope!

A guy.


From Buzzfeed:

Jesse Kelly, a conservative commentator and talk radio host from Houston, set off a mild internet firestorm Sunday night, after sending a series of apparently joke tweets mocking what he said was his son’s Lego robotics tournament.

The whole thread is an apparent troll job. Still, a lot of people reacted viscerally to his tweets, saying he was sending the wrong message.

Apparent troll job.

It’s like these people don’t know Jesse.


These people never learn.

Gotta love Twitter.

Ok, so you don’t but sometimes it’s funny.

Jesse triggered the entire robotic nerd crowd. Leave it to him …

Hopefully, Jesse got his receipt.


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