Dagummit, those Covington Catholic High School kids were wearing MAGA hats and Kirsten Powers is bound and determined to make sure the incident is all their fault even if the raw video footage shows otherwise.

And she wonders why she’s getting ratio’d to heck and back on her thread.

She called BS. Well then gosh golly and gee, everyone should change their minds.

Oh wait, … nope.

Nathan Phillips also claimed something about being a Vietnam Vet, and seems to have a history of picking fights with high school kids for attention, but we digress. Also, she wants people to assume that since we can’t hear the chanting clearly these kids definitely said, ‘Build the wall.’

For real?

We’re thinking Kirsten needs to read Nick Sandmann’s statement.



Someone’s projecting.

HERE we go.

Holy crap, she is laying it on thick.


Oh, so she did read Nick’s statement, she just doesn’t believe him because you know, he’s wearing a MAGA hat and Trump bad or something.

It’s disgusting, right?

Trump broke a lot of people.

True story.

Too late.


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