In an interview from earlier in January, before Rep. Dan Crenshaw had been sworn in, he spoke about civility and working in a bipartisan effort to make things happen for this country. When the interviewer asked him about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Crenshaw was his usual, well-spoken and kind self, and said he would like to debate her on some of her more outlandish policy ideas and claims.

Admit it, you would TOTALLY watch it.

Here’s the interview:

Haley/Crenshaw 2024 … just sayin’.


And sadly a fair point. If AOC truly felt challenged in any way she would likely play the sexist card or pretend that Crenshaw and the GOP are out to get her which makes sense because she knows that if she did actually debate him she would get destroyed.

Have you seen him talk about border security? Damn son.

Something like that, but only words like ‘resolution’ and ‘branch’.

Ok, but don’t forget the ‘rap-off.’ Isn’t that what the kids are doing these days?

*this editor is SO OLD*

True freakin’ story.

All day long.



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