Texas is doing something right. Between the newly-bearded Ted Cruz (YES, this editor digs the beard!) to the badass new Rep. Dan Crenshaw with the eye patch, these guys LOOK like they are there to chew bubble gum and fight, and they’re almost out of bubble gum.


Watch Crenshaw talk about the GOP’s plan for border security:

Gosh, this doesn’t sound racist or immoral at all. Wonder why Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi keep saying otherwise.


And we could definitely use a little more sensible these days.


The Democrats want people to believe it’s just about a big cement wall, that way they can keep pretending Trump wants to keep the brown people out of this country. If they start to actually talk about real security requests from the GOP then the Dems look like the petty, pandering, political pimps they really are.

Say that five times fast.


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Editor’s note: We have corrected Chuck Schumer’s name. The editor of this piece was clearly distracted by the awesomeness of Ted Cruz’s beard AND Dan Crenshaw’s segment. Our apologies. – Ed