You know those moments on Twitter when you’re bee-bopping around looking for tweets and you come across a thread or a back and forth that you’re not sure you’re actually seeing for REAL but there it is no matter how many times you blink?

Kathy Griffin picking a fight with Don Cheadle because he wasn’t upset enough when people were pissed at her over the decapitated president thing falls directly into that category.

OH GREAT DON … ha ha ha ha.

Look at this.

Smear campaign? Some liberal you are?


Dude, we had the same reaction.

Perhaps Don isn’t stupid enough to take a picture of himself holding the severed head of the president but we digress.

Besides, Don could handle himself.

We know how you feel, Don.



*more popcorn*

The only thing that would have been funnier here is if he told her to grow up.

For once we agree with Don Cheadle.

He handled this way better than Kathy … but then again she was the one who picked the fight so what would you expect?

PS: Most entertaining thing she’s done in years. True story.


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