Gosh, it seems like only yesterday when Montel Williams implied this editor was a prostitute in a tweet, which he then deleted before blocking said editor.

Good times.

Would appear Mr. Williams went after a few targets this time around, starting with Laura Loomer who hopped Nancy Pelosi’s fence to protest open borders.

Technically this was four words … but we get the picture.

Oh, and pardon us for using screenshots but it would appear Montel deleted these tweets but as we all know, Twitter is forever.

So in his own words he just called for a child to be tased.

Alrighty then.


Oh but that wasn’t all that crossed our timeline from Montel. From the look of his tweet, it seems Montel went after Jack Posobiec’s infant child.

Look, there is NEVER EVER a good reason to dunk on a baby.


If Montel wants to go after Jack that’s fine but c’mon, leave the eight-month-old out of it.

And then finally Montel accused conservative activist and all-around badass Scott Presler of being a meth head. Oh, and then he called him a woman …

As usual, Montel did not like being called out for his own tweets.

Some things never change.


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