Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed a HUD employee stopped by her office to tell her how broke he and his family were but that she should keep fighting against the racist, immoral wall? And remember how we all made fun of her because there was NO WAY that was true?

Rep. Rashida Tlaib just told AOC to hold her beer.

So moving.

So dramatic.

So much bullsh*t.

Like epic amounts of bullsh*t. In fact, a giant, well-fed bull would walk by, see Rashida’s tweet and say, ‘Great GOTHAM, that’s a lot of bullsh*t!’

‘Don’t stop fighting.’

Alrighty then.

Allocate $5 Billion for the border.


Seems we’re not the only ones not buying it.

Ooh, a diagram.


And they lived happily ever after is a nice touch.

Well, Democrats did vote for her so there are definitely some gullible people out there.

Dude, the McNuggs? NOOOOOO.

We don’t believe her either … as if you couldn’t tell.


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