The irony of Senator Dianne Feinstein whining about how long the government has been shut down when she, like other Democrats, have the power to open the government with a small allocation for border security is something else.

But you know, they need to keep pretending they’re powerless so their vapid base doesn’t catch on and start holding them accountable as well. It’s far easier to blame Trump and evil Republicans than it is to admit they’re petty Democrats who are withholding the funds to punish Trump over politics.

Check out this lame thread:

Notice how hard she’s working to make this all Trump’s fault which in part is absolutely true, and Trump even said he’d own it. But the fact they refuse to do what they know will open the government after he told them he’d SHUT IT DOWN otherwise makes them equally at fault here.

Unreasonable demand? These idiots paid millions of dollars for fruit costumes … they can pony up a measly $5 billion for some security.


It’s time for Democrats to allocate funding as per requested and stop pretending they don’t have the power to end this entire shut down.

But they’d rather play politics and pretend Trump is A BIG MEANIE HEAD.


Is there any other type of politician?

It’s becomingly increasingly clear this thread didn’t go the way DiFi wanted it to.



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