We don’t often see Guy Benson take someone apart on Twitter because that’s not usually his schtick. Guy is more the informative, informed, rational person you see on Twitter schooling people with facts and ideas.

But every once in a while he comes out swinging and BOY HOWDY, when he does it’s a glorious thing.

Take for example …

Yeah, about that.

Considering the state of journalism these days is anyone surprised Dr. Johnson didn’t do better? Just sayin’.

Well heck, if RawStory says so.


And um … that’s not his name.

This is not going well for Dr. Johnson.

Oh, that’s right, he’s too important to pay attention to the name of the person he’s debating. Sure.

Academia on display, folks.

Journalism professors should absolutely care about getting someone’s name right considering that’s part of their bread and butter. And see what we mean about when Guy really lets loose? IT IS SO ON.

Uh-oh, someone touched a nerve.

We almost felt sorry for this prof when Guy was done with him. Almost.

Ouch, with the assist from Brit Hume even.



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