As Twitchy told you, Sen. Dianne Feinstein in all of her ultimate wisdom, has introduced an Assault Weapons Ban for 2019 which will likely go nowhere but hey, at least she can pretend she did something about gun violence and her vapid base will lap it up.

Some of our NRA favorites had a thing or FIVE to say about DiFi’s legislation.

Like Cam Edwards:

They’re also trying to convince Americans that we shouldn’t build a border wall because illegal immigrants will just dig tunnels anyway.

Don’t make that face, we make fun of them for saying that.

We know, it’s dumb.

Dana Loesch also chimed in:

Of course DiFi’s description is purely cosmetic, she’s absolutely clueless about firearms.

But guns are bad, m’kay?


Big and vague and totally overreaching.

Which is really any and all legislation suggested by our friends on the Left.


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