So apparently if you misspeak or jumble words that even sound like a slur you can lose your job these days.


You don’t even have to actually SAY IT, if someone somewhere thinks it sounded like you said it or you misspeak that will get you fired.

Talk about everything being STOOOOPID.

This is what has happened to meteorologist Jeremy Kappell in New York:

From CNN:

During WHEC-TV’s Friday evening broadcast, Jeremy Kappell said “Martin Luther Coon Park,” when referring to a downtown Rochester park named after slain civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King Jr.

In a video viewed by CNN, Kappell says “King” immediately after using the slur and continues with the broadcast.

Kappell said his use of the slur was a mistake caused by speaking too quickly.

“What happened on Friday, to me, it’s a simple misunderstanding. If you watch me regularly you know that I tend to contain a lot of information in my weather cast, which forces me to speak fast and unfortunately I spoke a little too fast when I was referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So fast to the point where I jumbled a couple of words. In my mind I knew I mispronounced, but there was no malice. I had no idea the way it came across to many people,” he said in a video posted to Facebook Monday night.

Watch Kappell’s statement here:

You can see the video here – ignore all of the melodramatic media BS and focus on his slip.

He was fired for THAT?!

Alrighty then.

Gotta love the social media mob.

And c’mon, even Al Roker is on Jeremy’s side:

From USA Today:

Al Roker is coming to the defense of a former television meteorologist who was fired for making a racial slur during a live broadcast.

WHEC-TV meteorologist Jeremy Kappell was let go Monday, three days after referring to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Rochester, New York, as “Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park” during a weather segment.

The high-profile “Today” weather anchor, however, believes Kappell deserves a chance to redeem himself.

“I think @JeremyKappell made an unfortunate flub and should be given the chance to apologize on @news10nbc,” Roker, 64, tweeted Wednesday. “Anyone who has done live tv and screwed up (google any number of ones I’ve done) understands.”

Ok, so this editor is totally glad she’s not on TV.

Others seem to agree with Al:

SJWs are gonna SJW.

We’ll keep you posted.


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