Dave Rubin shared a screenshot of Jim Acosta’s tweet where he basically claimed undocumented immigrants aren’t criminals …

Don’t you like how they use the word ‘undocumented’ instead of ‘illegal’ so they can pretend it isn’t a crime to enter this country illegally?


It doesn’t make Trump a racist or a bigot because he understands what is and isn’t legal.

And honestly the media should know better, especially Acosta, but as we all know they have an agenda and narrative to push.

This is indeed 6th grade stuff.

It’s all about playing the word game and marketing with these folks. If you watched AOC give her rebuttal to Trump’s border speech you saw the same talking points over and over again. Sure, they were a bit more garbled than usual (it was painful), but she is one of the Left’s main voices right now so of course she was pushing that tired and false narrative.

If they were honest about the border they’d have to admit they’re playing politics by not funding it.

This gent just described the media’s mission. Perfectly.



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