Yesterday, before the president actually spoke to the nation, people joked about how Democrats should have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez give the rebuttal to Trump’s speech on border security.

Of course, people were JOKING and being smart-asses because the idea of AOC responding to Trump in any capacity was just too hilarious.

Cue Rachel Maddow and MSNBC …

Oh. Dear. God. NOBODY is anti-immigrant. ARGH.

Don’t mind this editor, she’s just banging her head against her desk over and over again.

AOC truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

No one should feel unsafe in America … how about the people who keep losing their lives to illegal immigrants, Alex from the Bronx? And we can’t help but notice how she kept ignoring the reality that Trump was talking about illegal immigrants. You really have to wonder if she has done any research at all on what is actually happening with our immigration system or if she’s just going on talking points she saw on Twitter.

Does she really think none of this existed before Trump won the presidency?

And c’mon, the border wall would not only protect Americans, but it would also protect people willing to risk their lives to ignore our laws while entering our country.

Seems simple enough, right?

Oh, and about that kiddo she’s exploiting in her ridiculous tirade:

We’re starting to wonder if she is a GOP plant … nobody is this dumb.

Seriously. She’s got to be trolling.

Welcome to 2019 – and you thought 2018 was a sh*tshow.

Quite a take indeed.

We love the look on Maddow’s face, it’s very similar to Cooper’s face when he interviewed this gem.

It sort of says, ‘Holy sh*t, did she really say that?’

Don’t worry, Rachel, we made the same face.


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