If you spend anytime at all on Twitter, you know one of the biggest slams or dunks you can have on the social media giant is when you can highlight one tweet from a tweep then highlight another tweet from that same tweep contradicting the first tweet. We refer to it as a ‘shot/chaser’.

And we appreciate that Jim Acosta, for whatever reason, thought it was a good idea to try the ol’ shot/chaser with Trump tweets but he has to make sure the tweets he’s using say what he thinks they say.

So he’s right about the first tweet, Trump did call the media the enemy, but his second tweet is his announcing that he will be addressing the nation about border security. We don’t see a request to the media to allow him airtime to address the nation.

Nice try, Jim, but no.

Which is true but again, Trump didn’t request airtime in that tweet …

Fair point. If Jim did anything he proved why Trump thinks of the media as the enemy; he’s not exactly warm and inviting now is he?

And at the end of the day, all he really managed to do was piss off his own base because they think the media gave in to Trump.

They all but created and elected him.

True story.


Thinking this may not have gone the way Jim thought it would.


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