If you follow Dan McLaughlin at all you know he’s not typically on Twitter trying to own the libs or dunk on Trump. Truth be told he’s a well-informed NRO writer who knows a lot about baseball. So to see WaPo’s Dave Weigel deliberately take Dan out of context to dunk on him over the border wall is pretty damn weak.

C’mon man.

It really is, and we see a LOT of bad tweets. It’s sort of what we do.

Don’t judge!

Dan is of course referring to Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ridiculous blunder about Reagan telling Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall’. If Dave had included the entire context of that discussion there would be no dunk.

And he knows it.

And so do we.


What he said.

Anything to dunk on a Conservative about the border wall.

Would seem the lame dunk led to other trolling …

And Dan still owned them.

But nice try.


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