You know the media at large has completely lost its ever-loving mind when even weather dudes are playing identity politics. Ian Livingston, for whatever reason, sent a silly tweet about old white dudes to Brit Hume after he simply pointed out that no federal employee had gone without a paycheck in the shutdown yet.

And then Ian got spanked so badly he deleted it.

But you know, someone on Twitter grabbed it because TWITTER.

Twitter is forever, man – never forget, someone somewhere is always paying attention.

It would appear so.

And for what? Brit pointing out that federal employees haven’t gone without pay yet? Not sure what that has to do with Brit being an entitled old white guy because last time we checked there are plenty of old white guys out there who work for the government.

These people. Suppose the co-founder of @ustornadoes needs to be super edgy or something.

But not edgy enough to leave the tweet up.

Just pointing out, we’re laughing at Ian, not with him.

Is he laughing because he deleted his tweet?

Ours too.


Gotta love SJWs.

Ok, not really.