If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were TRYING to support Trump’s efforts in explaining what is happening about the border and why, they succeeded. Our guess though, is that wasn’t the case which makes their fail as ‘The Nancy and Chuck Show’ all the more satisfying.

Truth be told, we were sure we’d read nothing but screeching and crying from the Left about Trump’s address, and instead we’re seeing a lot of people (even on the Left) talking about this disastrous meme moment from ‘top Democrats’.

Brit Hume summed the media’s reaction to the speech and fact-checking perfectly:

In essence the media all but helped Trump … which is probably why Andy Richter raged at Brit Hume over his tweet.

We’re willing to bet that Andy doesn’t get the irony of his own tweet about a lonely guy surrounded by food trolling someone who doesn’t care about him … at all.

Brit didn’t even bother to respond.

He is.

Self-awareness, how does it work?

Editor’s note: This editor misread the response and updated the story to more adequately represent what enraged Andy Richter. To be fair, he’s always angry and anyone could have made this same mistake. – SJ


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