The excuses Democrats are coming up with to pretend they’re denying funding for the wall for real reasons instead of petty, personal, political ones (say that five times fast) are getting pretty damn silly. From claiming there is no crisis at the border to calling the wall immoral, there is no argument so lame they will not make it.

Like Nancy Pelosi saying we shouldn’t build the wall because illegal immigrants will just dig tunnels anyway.

This is sort of like saying you shouldn’t lock your front door because someone could just break into your home through your windows. Oh and if you’re someone who hates Twitchy and reads us just so you can whine about us to your equally whiny followers, CALM DOWN, we’re not saying illegal immigrants will break into your home.

It seeped into her noggin years ago, but we digress.

Dude, right?

Whoa, minds blown.

Among other things, yes.

Minds blown AGAIN.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw made her look like an absolute fool though:

Man, Texas picked so WELL with Dan Crenshaw. Seriously.

C’mon though, Democrats love myths they can use to keep their weak policies and arguments alive. Look at the magical wage gap for example …

Why should the their wall arguments be any different?


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