It all started here, with a tweet from Martha MacCallum sharing findings from the Parkland shooting commission and announcing that Dana Loesch would be joining her to discuss.

Notice the commission found that arming some highly-trained teachers would help prevent school shootings, so you know the gun-grabbers were ALREADY losing their sh*t even before Dana was interviewed about it.

Did we mention they lost their sh*t?

No, Aaron. She was on to talk about the Parkland shooting commission and their findings which include the point that arming teachers would prevent school shootings. If he’d actually watched the segment instead of throwing a tantrum because Dana was on Fox he might have realized that.

But no, he was far too busy feeding the gun-grabbing rage machine.

Dude clearly has a really bad case of sandy vaginitis – he should see a doc. And again, this person did not watch the interview and is simply reacting to Aaron’s outrage.

It’s like they’re trying to outrage one another.

Dana explained …

Which he’d know if he watched the segment.

This account screeching at Dana happens to have this editor blocked … Sophie is apparently super tough when it comes to debate.

Or not.

They are so blinded by their gun-grabbing agenda that they can’t see that securing and protecting our children is a good thing. This is such a bizarre reaction but then again it is the Left and it’s 2019 so nothing should surprise any of us anymore.

Dana has the WORST trolls … wow.

God bless, indeed.


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