Sad, frothy-mouthed gun-grabbing trolls never seem to learn when it comes to harassing Dana Loesch. You’d think after years and years of getting their backsides handed to them that eventually, they’d figure out it’s not smart to tangle with the NRA spokesman on Twitter, but nope.

And thank goodness they don’t because it’s always great Twitchy fodder.

This time around, for whatever reason, they stalked her timeline looking for an old tweet she wrote 10 years ago about how teenagers piss her off.

Because you know, at one point or another teenagers piss us all off.

But in the mind of a gun-control harpy, this was somehow threatening coming from Dana.

You’ll notice you can’t see what this person said because as usual when a troll goes after Dana and she actually responds they run.

Sad little blue check. Apparently, this guy was a spox for Hillary Clinton so color us not surprised he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.


Let’s be honest here, do trolls ever really make sense?

Another tweet deleted.

Another tweet deleted.

Yeah, don’t be Stuart, who by the way has also locked his account since tangling with Dana.

The Left, ladies and gents.

Ever notice the very people who want to take our guns are the most violent and disturbed?

Alrighty then.

We hope Dana gets what she deserves as well and that would be love, respect, and happiness for herself and her family.

See how we spun that cranky troll’s tweet? #Winning

Another deleted tweet.



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