In less than 24 hours, Newsweek writer Nina Burleigh managed to embarrass herself not once, not twice, but thrice over a ridiculous tweet where she claimed every person she has ever ‘heard of’ who owned an AR-15 was a mass murderer. Perhaps if she’d take a moment to actually talk to the Americans who own nearly 15,000,000 AR-15s she might have saved herself a whole lot of trouble.

At first, Nina claimed her tweet was clickbait for NRA bots, and now she is saying she ‘assumes’ the more than 4000 people who responded to her stupid tweet aren’t just NRA bots but pro-NRA Russian bots.

Comrades, that’s a nice touch. Oh, and we especially like how she tags in two groups who supposedly use some sort of magical algorithm to determine if you’re a bot. Ironically they did once call this editor a bot for tweeting ‘too well’ and using proper grammar.

Not even making that up.

Because Russia wants nothing more than a fully armed America that can defend itself from enemies foreign and domestic.

Holy Hell. Newsweek, come and get your writer, she’s starting to scare the children.

No wonder she’s being ratioed.

She’s onto us!

It’s all they know at this point.

Sweetcheeks is almost as good as, ‘Comrade’.




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