We’re starting to wonder if maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just trolling people at this point because c’mon, nobody can deliberately be this obtuse.

Perhaps she missed it but without Columbus, there wouldn’t be an Election Day to speak of because there would be no America. This isn’t even like one of those tricky what came first the chicken or the egg questions. Not to mention Columbus Day isn’t a holiday for everyone …

Heh. Good ol’ Erica.

Guess not.

By making Election Day a holiday?

We’re not sure anyone really does.

Ya’ think?


Big fun.


Also, yes her tweet was bad, but you should see how some people responded to her:

Jay is onto us! QUICK, TELL TRUMP.


People like this vote.

You know that face you make when you realize you’ve been wearing your shirt backward all day long at work and nobody told you? Just made that face.

You monsters, working to make sure elections aren’t stolen with your Voter ID rules and stuff! For shame!

You know what? We. Can’t. Even.


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