We’re starting to think Rep. Eric Swalwell should officially put the Twitter down because he has been tweeting some spectacularly stupid things lately. And to think, he has TWO accounts …

And both of them are verified.

Twitter truly is the suckage, but you knew that.

For example, the same day Eric was talking about how he’d support the government nuking anyone who refused to give up their guns (he later claimed it was a joke, yeah right), he tweeted this nonsense about Jim Acosta getting his press pass back.


How is banning someone who acted like a total jackass at a presser ‘stopping the First Amendment.’ Not to mention the judge ‘giving’ Acosta’s press pass back had zero to do with the First Amendment.

And this guy wants to run for president. EL OH EL.

Run Eric Run!

What they said.


Yeah, don’t nuke us, bro.


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