Nothing says sane, rational, and thoughtful like wanting to put a bunch of people out of work in a state you don’t even live in because you don’t like who won an election there. We’re not entirely sure why Alyssa Milano thought it was wise to complain about people actually having jobs in the entertainment industry in Georgia but here we are …

So basically Alyssa wants to punish Georgians over an election that Democrats lost.

These people.

Fair point. She supported taxes that drove the entertainment industry to look elsewhere for productions and now she wants to somehow shame them because the state they’re in voted for Republicans.

She’s a real sweetheart.


Ya’ think?

But yeah, THAT’LL show those silly Georgians who’s the boss.

Drunk on Twitter power … MWAHAHAHAHA.

Yes, yes she would because you all didn’t vote like she wanted you to.

What an awful thing to tweet, right?



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