Republican Young Kim who originally held the lead on Election Day has magically lost her race to Democrat Gil Cisneros.

Gosh, is it our imagination or does there seem to be a lot of this going on? *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Defeated her.


From the LATimes:

Kim and Cisneros had been locked in battle over the seat left open by Royce’s retirement. Kim was considered by many to have an edge going into the race because of her name recognition and long history as a district staffer for Royce, who had endorsed her.

Cisneros, who dominated the money race by pouring $9 million of his own funds into his first run for office, tried to use President Trump’s unpopularity to weigh down Kim’s bid, even registering a lookalike campaign web address that declared “Young Kim is Donald Trump.” Kim broke with Trump on several of his policies, including family separation at the border and curtailing family-sponsored visas.

Seems the older rich guy won out over a candidate who would have been the first Korean-American woman elected in the country. Kim, unlike some Democrats, conceded with integrity and class:

It’s like California wants to fail.

If she were a Democrat we’d never hear the END of how racist and sexist Republicans are and that the right suppressed the vote or cheated.

Don’t make that face, you know it’s true.

We didn’t say it.

We implied it and we included this tweet … but we didn’t say it.

*but we thought it*


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