Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have won her election (really NY?!) but she’s still playing the victim card for all it’s worth.

The fact that she’s complaining about ‘women like her’ not being expected to win after we all know she won is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous than the notion that anybody ‘obsesses’ about her because of her ethnicity or sex is that only certain types of people are expected to win elections in America.

Maybe if she’d stop acting like a hot mess the media could start ignoring her. She fails to understand the reason anyone gives her a hard time about material things is that she has been pushing a socialist agenda while telling us how hard it is to pay for an apartment in D.C. Not to mention how much effort she’s put into pretending she’s down with the little people …

It’s not the clothes, Alexandria, it’s the BS that people make fun of.


Ok, Alexandria, time to turn in the ol’ victim card.


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